Week of 17th June 2013

By my read, this should be a fun week, a time to enjoy and play … a few days of light in between all the madness of late and the challenges of Mercury retrograde coming in a couple of weeks.  The Sun catches up with Jupiter on Thursday, think of this as a time of playfulness and growth, the mood will be energetic and optimistic … the only risk is over-indulgence!  About the same time Venus and Mercury get together, which suggests harmonious and gentle communications, a great time for conversations that require empathy and awareness.  And in the middle there’s a little aspect between Mars and Uranus that should be rather energetic and enthusiastic … and definitely not mundane!  I I reckon the people who organised the Happiness Conference (http://www.happinessanditscauses.com.au/) in Melbourne this week must have consulted with an astrologer to work out the date.  Nice timing.

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