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Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter, the planet of optimism, fortune and expansion, moved into Cancer this week, the sign of our foundations … our home base and the place where we find our emotional security.  So, expect the next twelve months to be a time when we think big about home and expand our base.  For some this will be a time of family and expanding families.  For some it will be a time of exploring the depths of our psychological base … the place where we feel at home, where we find out security.  And for some it will be a time of nurturing, think big dinner parties for extended families.

Jupiter as seen by the space probe "Cassi...
Jupiter as seen by the space probe “Cassini”. This is the most detailed global color portrait of Jupiter ever assembled. It is produced from several high resolution images taken a little more than a day before Cassini’s closest approach to Jupiter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jupiter transits the zodiac every twelve years, taking on average about a year to go through each sign.  And wherever Jupiter is transiting your chart  is the part of your life where yo

u are growing and being challenged to take on more of life.  If you know your birth chart, look at the House where Cancer is, as this is the area where you have the opportunity to expand your consciousness over the next year.

For Cancerians, this is the beginning of a new 12-year cycle of growth and progress.

Expect Cancerians to be in an expansive frame of mind over the next twelve months, as they begin new projects and adventures … if you’re hanging around with a Cancerian, encourage them to be open to new opportunities this year.  This is the year for them to be putting their energy out in order for those projects to manifest (and if you think that through, it also means that Geminis will have been doing this over the last twelve months … etc.).

Similarly, for Leos, this is the last year of their twelve year growth cycle, so it is a time of fulmination of the plans that they started about 12 years ago … if you’re a Leo, think back to what you were doing around 2002, and see what growth path you were initiating then and where you’ve come since.

Venus into Leo …

Venus reflected in the Pacific Ocean
Venus reflected in the Pacific Ocean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Venus, the planet of love and attraction, moves into Leo today, the sign of romance, creativity and drama. So, expectthe next three weeks to involve dramatic expressionsof love and romance!  This sounds like fun, though with Mercury retrograde at the same time I suspect there might be a bit of muddle-headedness in the communications … romantic requests going astray, accidentally pushing the ‘send’ button or with the wrong person in the ‘To’ header … oops!!! As I say, it could be fun! But whatever confusion Mercury might add to the mix, Venus in Leo is a time for love and a time to play.

Venus transits around the zodiac once a year, it’s always less than 60 degrees (ie, one or two signs) away from the Sun.  At the moment it is zooming, so this Leo transit only lasts three weeks … get in quick!

If you know your birth chart, look at the House where Leo is, as this is where you will be attracting love and beauty into your life over the next few weeks.

If you know someone with Venus in Leo in their natal chart, and especially if you’re their lover, you’ll know that this placement loves to adore … and to be adored.  They tend to be affectionate, romantic, generous and playful in relationship, and they really need to know that they are your number one … don’t leave them guessing, it won’t work!  For these people, while Venus travels through Leo over the next few weeks, expect them to be even more magnetic than usual … and maybe even more demanding, after all, this is their time to shine!!