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October, it’s a wild ride!

So you think the weather is woolly … wait till you get the astrological forecast for October, it will be a wild ride all month.  It starts off with Sun square Pluto today, followed by Sun opposite Uranus on Friday, sparking the Pluto-Uranus ‘evolve or evaporate’ energy.  Any of the need for change that has been bubbling under the surface will come up and make itself obvious over the next week, and this will be felt on both a personal and a geo-political level.  You can try to kid yourself with this energy, but you’re going to have to be pretty damn good at suppression for it to work!  This is ‘get real’ time, time to get rid of what is not working.

And then the rest of the month brings us Venus squared Neptune on the 10th (think love delusions), an eclipsed full Moon in Aries on the 19th (emotions hidden from the self), Mars opposite Neptune also on the 19th (misdirected assertion and sexual energy) and then Mercury begins another retrograde (21st).

October may be a wild ride indeed.  Of course, none of this is causal, but then there is the fundamental interconnectedness of all things ….

Activating social upheaval

As Saturn is in Scorpio, turning direct at about 5 degrees, there is a powerful link to the Pluto-Uranus square, the evolve or evaporate energy.  The reasoning goes like this … Pluto is in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, while Saturn is in Scorpio ruled by Pluto, which is called mutual reception, and it tends to exacerbate the power of both planets.  So, all that Pluto in Capricorn stuff about fundamental transformations of our economic and social structures is affected.  What we’ve come to accept as normal organisation and building blocks of society are collapsing, with Pluto involved it is inevitable that our social forms must change … and fundamentally change, not just a few tweaks around the edges.  So, as Saturn moves forward, expect more disruptions on a global political scale.  The rumblings that have been building during the retrograde period will turn into more decisive and planned action.  It is fascinating how Egypt seems to keep reflecting these energetic changes.  It was during the earliest Pluto-Uranus squares that the people power based, social media lead uprisings in Egypt caused the deposing of Mubarak, and it is while this square is now being energised again that the Egyptian people have decided to do something about his replacement.   It seems to me that Egypt might just be a barometer of the Pluto-Uranus upheavals of our social systems …