Lou Reed RIP

I can’t seem to find Lou’s birth time anywhere, but his birth date was 2 March 1942, in New York.  A Piscean, with a Virgo Moon (probably, depends on the time of day), Mercury and Venus in Aquarius (opposite Pluto and Chiron) and Mars in Taurus (conjunct Uranus and Saturn).

What you’d expect with that combination is a talented creative with a desperate need to find a channel for his creative energies, who is at risk of slipping into a world of unreality and apathy, and of being drawn to drugs and escapism. That’s the Piscean side anyway.  Interesting that he was turned that around to the more mystical version of Pisces once the drugs wore off!

Add to that the rugged individualism of Mars-Uranus conjunction, with a splash of Taurean hedonism and the drive of Mars-Saturn thrown in and you get the belligerent, antiestablishment force that reflected his life and his music.  Then there’s the Venus-Pluto opposition, suggesting a dark side to relationships, a passionate but potentially destructive placement, that would have needed a solid calm nature to hold and nurture (Lauri Anderson’s Venus and Mars in Taurus, I guess).

Driven, complex, brash talent, with a tendency for self-destruction … thanks Lou for living it!


Messy weirdness or weird messiness?

Ok, so there’s a good chance the next few days could be a bit weird!  With the combination of an eclipsed Aries full Moon (Saturday morning for those in Eastern Australia), Mars opposite Neptune (Sunday) and Mercury turning retrograde (Monday) there is a high likelihood of misunderstandings and confusion.

An eclipse is a time when emotions (Moon) are in shadow, we are disconnected from our feelings.  So, we can feel out of sorts and act out of character.  And when you get that happening to everyone at the same time, weirdness ensues!  As this full Mooon is in Aries, watch out especially for Arians and Librans (and of course Cancerians, because they get whatever is happening to the Moon), they’ll be feeling it hte strongest.

The Mars-Neptune aspect is a physical and a psychic wobble … Mars is about physical energy, assertiveness, the yang nature.  Neptune blurs the boundaries of everything it touches, it both creates and shows the illusion of it all.  So, when these two planets are pulling in opposite directions we can get anything from clumsiness on a physical level to deceptions and delusions on an intention or spiritual level.  It is not really a great time for precision in interactions, so don’t bother getting drawn into discussions of the minutiae … it’ll just end in a messy argument! But it probably is a great time to spend in the spa or the sea (with Neptune being so watery).

And then there is Mercury going retrograde, which I’ve talked about before, essentially the things ruled by Mercury (communications) don’t quite work in a straight line … Mercury retrograde 26th June – 21st July 2013. and here … Mercury retrograde is not an excuse for stuffing up!.

Put all that together and I reckon that the next few days are going to be just a little tricky, especially when it comes to communicating or expecting that our communications have been precisely delivered!  It is a time for allowing and being forgiving, rather than judging and expecting.  A time for fantasy and dreams, rather than illusion and differences.  A time for calm and flow, rather than control and certainty …

And of course it’s not causal, just a reflection of the fundamental interconnectedness of all things …