Mercury retrograde is not an excuse for stuffing up!

I read somewhere the other day about a school teacher who had students using Mercury retrograde as an excuse for not completing homework (  … seriously! Take responsibility.  Astrology is not causal, it is just a way of reading the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.  I think of it more like a weather report … if the BOM said it was going to rain, I’d prepare by taking an umbrella (hmm, maybe that wasn’t such a good example!!). An astrology report is the same, it is like an energetic weather forecast … an insight into the art of timing.

Sure things go a bit haywire when Mercury is in (apparent) retrograde motion, but the message is … take more care, be more watchful, double check the details. The important thing about this time is that we tend to be more internally focussed (which is why we might not notice that we’d booked that flight for the wrong month!), so it is a time to sssslllllooooooowwww down.

Mercury retrograde is a great time for working out how you think about something, but not such a great time for communicating that to someone else.  So, if you do need to communicate, double check that what the person heard is what you intended to say.

Mercury retrograde is not an excuse, it is just a caution! An astrological weather forecast …

2 thoughts on “Mercury retrograde is not an excuse for stuffing up!”

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