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A syzygy … New Moon eclipse in Scorpio

A solar eclipse happens when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are all in a straight line, in Astronomy this pattern is called a syzygy … you’ve just got to love that word!! Eclipses go in patterns, with a New Moon solar eclipse typically following the Full Moon Lunar eclipse, so its no wonder that the last fortnight has been an intense time.


On a geographical level, the gravitational effects of a syzygy can involve earthquakes and moonquakes. I guess that’s probably symbolic for what goes on psychologically … a rumbling up from deep beneath the surface of fundamental and transformative change that is just going to happen no matter what!

This week’s New Moon eclipse is in the first degree of Scorpio (at 8.57am (AEDT) on Friday 24th ), and it has Venus in exact conjunction. Take into account that Mercury is in its last few days of being retrograde and that we’re still in the Uranus-Pluto ‘evolve or evaporate’ pattern, and we’ve got an intriguing combination, and I’m personally looking forward to noticing how the energy plays out.

With a solar eclipse, the Moon is casting its shadow over the earth, so there’s an element of our emotions overshadowing our past. With this eclipse in Scorpio, this is a clearing energy, with the capacity to penetrate the depths, and rid ourselves of emotional baggage to allow new growth. As well as ruling the cycles of birth, death and regeneration, Scorpio is the astrological waste management energy, clearing out the crap we no longer need.

Add Venus, the planet of harmony and relating, into the mix, and I anticipate that, despite the Scorpionic passion, this eclipse will feel softer and gentler than the confusion and intensity often attributed to eclipse energy. Venus here does mean that a major focus of this eclipse will be about intimacy and partnerships. This really is a time for noticing old patterns and old ties, recognizing what is holding us back from growth.

New Moon energy is all about inviting in the new, and the power of this one combined with the Venusian influences means that intentions set during this New Moon will take on a profound depth … the results will be seen in a our experiences and relationships over the next six months.

The time is ripe for getting perspective on love and relationships, and especially on old stuff that might have served its purpose.

But keep in mind that this is a time for inner knowing, rather than a time for forcing change. The impetus to manifest these changes will come next week, after Mercury turns forward and Mars moves into Capricorn. Friday’s eclipse is the perfect time to sit in stillness with self, to set intentions, and to energetically plant the seeds of harmony, intimacy, depth and connectedness. Act on it next week.

And of course, don’t forget that astrology is not causal, it’s just a way of reading the fundamental interconnectedness of all things!!


An auspicious New Moon

It’s a New Moon day, and an auspicious one at that! The New moon is in the first degree of Libra, and it is exact around 4.13pm (AEST). New Moons are always an opportunity to invite in new energies, and with the Libran influence, this means new energies in the realm of love and partnership. This is a time to examine the ideals we have in relationship, to look at how real we are being, to challenge whether we are naively holding on to an illusion or whether we are willing to fight for what we believe in. Sometimes it is not so easy to tell the difference, and this New Moon is a time when we have an opportunity to get clear, and to find the guidance in what we believe.

The recent Pluto shift to moving forward, along with Mars Square Neptune has probably highlighted the beliefs and areas of our lives where we have allowed delusion to take control and where we are being demanded to transform into realness.

This New Moon marks the beginning of the eclipse period (with an Aries Full Moon eclipse on 8th October and a Scorpio New Moon eclipse on 24th October). And it also brings back the ‘evolve or evaporate’ energies of the Pluto-Uranus square, the major aspect that has been dominating us on a personal and global level since 2012 and is about to move into its final phase before it leaves us in 2015. Now is the time to really bring in the transformation, to embody with thought, belief, feeling and action, what we want to bring in to the next phase of our own evolution. It is a time to do it with both grace and power!


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