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It’s time ….

This really is an intense and powerful time. We are in the last vestiges of the Pluto-Uranus square, the defining astrological aspect of the last three years, and what has to be rated as amongst the most powerful astrological phenomena of the last 40 years. As I’ve mentioned plenty of times, Mystic Medusa defines this time as the Zap Zone, and calls it the ‘Evolve or Evaporate’ energy. I’m with her. (see my past posts on this square…).

evolve or evaporate

We get the final hit of this square next Tuesday (17th March, AEST), the seventh since the aspect first asserted its influence in 2012. And between now and then, Mars is tightly wrapped up in the energy, giving it the assertive and powerful drive that Mars bestows on anything it touches. This is the shove we need to make the changes that the Pluto-Uranus square is demanding of us. If we look at what has been going on for since 2012, there will be a pattern of fears and blockages that have been challenged, now is the time to leave aside old attachments and self-delusions, to open to a new experience of power, freedom and love.

How I’m experiencing the energy of the last few weeks is that it is like a probe that is going into the deepest, darkest parts of my soul, bringing up the bits that are hiding in the murky waters, showing me where there is any left over attachments to my old self perceptions. I might be in a seeming innocuous conversation with a friend, and all of a sudden something is triggered, taking me to an emotional experience that is far deeper than what appears to be on the surface. This is the mirror, and it is asking me to confront the places that I still need to let go. Where am I still holding onto an idea that life and love is meant to look a certain way? Where are my fears denying me freedom? It is deep stuff, and it is happening for all of us, personally, socially, politically and spiritually. It’s even happening for the planet … watch for earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and the like over the next few weeks, as this powerful, magnetic energy creates ructions in the material universe.

With so much Mars energy around at the moment, there is likely to be a bit of anger, competitiveness and chest-beating going on this week, especially amongst those who are not in tune with the idea that the challenge is meant to be an internal one.  Be cautious of those who are acting out.

The following few weeks after this last square are going to bring in a pair of formidable eclipses, so there will be a bit of discomfort going on around us. Make allowances for that, but don’t miss the value of the opportunity. This really is a time for evolution, for opening to a new experience of power, freedom and love.

Regenerating self … Mars-Pluto conjunction

This is a power week … Mars and Pluto rule!!!

Mars is the assertive energy, on its light side is drive and initiative, and on its dark side is aggression and selfishness. The energy of Mars is what gets us up and going, but it can also get us caught up in ego. Pluto is the symbolic plumbing system of the solar system … it clears out the muck and regenerates it into life force, but it also brings up the stuff that is less than conscious.

When two planets are conjunct (at the same degree of the zodiac) as these two are this week, they magnify each other’s energy. So, with Mars and Pluto together we get a powerful drive to initiate personal transformation. To reconstruct self from the underground up. This has the potential for a no holds barred kind of week, a psychic spring-cleaning.

I keep mentioning the Uranus-Pluto ‘evolve or evaporate’ energy of the 2012-2015 period as the most significant astrological event of this time. And as we’re heading towards the fulmination of this global, political and personal revolution (the final hit of it is next March-April), adding Mars into the mix this week gives the impetus to force through anything that has been stagnating. If you wanted to change something in your life, to let go of anything holding you back, now is the time for it. There really is no point holding on too tight with this energy.

But the caution of this week is to keep in mind that everyone is experiencing the rawness of this forceful, courageous, penetrating and disruptive energy. And this probably means that some will be acting it out a little less than consciously. Take care to avoid the power struggles, the compulsiveness, the ego clashes. And even get out of your own way.  Use this energy to manifest your evolution.

Of course, none of this is causal, its just a way of reading the fundamental interconnectedness of all things!!

Carolyn Myss Let go

Courage after the funk!

After the funk of last week’s eclipse energy, this is a week for movement, for making things happen.

life shrinks or expands Anais Nin copy

The energy of the Grand Fire Trine is still active, with the Mars-Jupiter connection especially strong at the moment. This is enthusiastic, active, creative, inspirational kind of energy. It is the perfect time for actualizing change out of all those less than comfortable rumblings and stirrings of the eclipse. A time to grab your life goals and expand, be big, move forward, take chances. A time for courage.

But Mercury is still in retrograde, so don’t forget to study the details carefully before deciding which chances to go with … just because the opportunity for expansion is real, there’s no excuse to stuff it up with recklessness!

The next couple of days also see some nice little Venus aspects to the North Node, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. This combination of aspects is a potent opportunity for clarity in relationship … there is an ease in connection and communication. And because the New Moon eclipse on the 24th October means that intensity in relationship is likely to amp up over the next two weeks, take advantage of this little hiatus of peace to express just what you want, believe, desire with self, partners … and everyone else.