Clearing the mess – Virgo Full Moon, with Mercury Trine Mars

Virgo full Moon combined with a Mercury-Mars trine … this is a fine weekend to clean up the mess! Whatever mess is left hanging around, be it filing and taxes, the house, the garden or things that should have been communicated. Virgo Full Moon is early on Monday morning. The best way to prepare for it is to create a clean slate, and with the organised, constructive energy of Mercury-Mars, there should be the energy to get it done. Watch for all the happy (clean, tidy, organised) Virgos!!


Really? Another retrograde? This time its Mars and Saturn.

This year started with a period of Venus retrograde (relating was internalised) followed by Mercury retrograde (communicating and thinking was intenralised) which ended yesterday.  And just when it seems like all is about to be forward moving, and the flow is going to return, we are about to get a 3-month dose of Mars retrograde (assertiveness and physical energy internalised) and a 4-month dose of Saturn retrograde (form and the constructed self is internalised).

Mars retrograde will feel like road blocks, delays and hesitations.  This is not the planning and communication stuff-ups of Mercury retrograde, but more that there just isn’t the energy there to get stuff done, or that some conflict gets in the way of desire and intention happening.  Be especially mindful of the Mars ruled beings (ie, us Arians), as we’re unlikely to feel our usual energetic selves, especially towards the end of this retrograde, which finishes late May.  Interestingly, we (ie, us Arians) are all going to have a retrograde Mars in our birthday charts this year, suggesting it will be a slower, less expressive or active year for us.

Generally, during Mars retrograde, the things that Mars rules, like passion, motivation, sex, will experience delays and obstacles, that divert proactiveness to frustration. This is a time that demands patience, and appreciation for the slowness; qualities which we can actually acquire in times like these.

More on Saturn turning retrograde in my next post …

In the meantime, enjoy the slowness … some things are just better when you take your time!!


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