Clearing the mess – Virgo Full Moon, with Mercury Trine Mars

Virgo full Moon combined with a Mercury-Mars trine … this is a fine weekend to clean up the mess! Whatever mess is left hanging around, be it filing and taxes, the house, the garden or things that should have been communicated. Virgo Full Moon is early on Monday morning. The best way to prepare for it is to create a clean slate, and with the organised, constructive energy of Mercury-Mars, there should be the energy to get it done. Watch for all the happy (clean, tidy, organised) Virgos!!


5 thoughts on “Clearing the mess – Virgo Full Moon, with Mercury Trine Mars”

  1. may I ask a question?

    the Full Moon on March 16 enters Libra at 8:46pm Eastern Time

    so my question is…why do you say March’s Full Moon is in Virgo when the Full Moon will physically be in Libra?


    1. Ah, so that’s a good reminder for me, thank you … I need to mention where I’m writing from. The Full Moon is at 4.11 am on Monday 17th (Australian Eastern Summer Time). So, this will still be Sunday for much of the rest of the world! It is at about 26 degrees of Virgo at the time.


      1. the Astrologists have written that March’s Full Moon is in Virgo

        now granted, in some parts of the world that is so but just for a brief time

        the Moon than goes into void of course, its traveling out of Virgo into Libra, at the same time it becomes full

        so the March Full Moon is actually and physically in Libra

        I just didn’t understand why astrologers made no mention of that

      2. That’s a fair question, this Full Moon is void of course after its aspect with Saturn, and is about to move into the sign of Libra. However, the Moon is actually full at the exact time that it is opposite the Sun, and this month that was at about 26 degrees of Virgo. From that moment on it is gradually waning. So yes, as it moves into Libra (at 11.46am AEST) it will still be very close to full, but it will be less than 100% full. The Full Moon is a moment in time, and this month that was at about 4.11am (AEST).

      3. for us and what we do to bring about our hearts desire

        we must take the moon, whether it be full or in any other phase, at where it physically is and on March 16 at 8:46pm the Full Moon entered Libra


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