Surrender to the unknown

I read with interest a couple of the astrology writers in the newspapers and magazines over the last few days, and I note that not everyone is gloom and doom about the current astro energies.  This might come as a bit of a surprise, given all the talk of radical upheavals during Grand Crosses and Eclipses.  But it’s true, it doesn’t have to be all upsets and tragedies, the next couple of weeks are perfect opportunities for growth, and the best way to deal with the challenges of the time are to allow the growth, no matter what.  Surrender.  Trust.

Sure, there is plenty of pushing and pulling, and sure we are being asked to be real, to be in truth no matter how uncomfortable it feels, and sure the demands of the time are that we let go with not only no attachment to an outcome, but with no knowing of what it is all about.

The Grand Cross peaks between the 19th and 22nd April (AEST), and it is right in the middle of two eclipses (a lunar eclipse today followed by a solar eclipse on the 29th).  The Grand Cross sees Uranus (radical change) opposite Mars (physical energy) and square to Pluto (transformation) and Jupiter (growth, truth).

It might feel like a struggle, with all those internal forces stretching us in different directions.  And no doubt there can be pain and discomfort, but there is more pain and discomfort from inaction.  The tension of the moment is there to highlight what needs to change, and it is only when we hold on too tightly that the stirrings become frustrations and anger.  Rather, go with the flow, work with the forces, trust that it is taking you where you need to be taken … even when you don’t want to let go.  For me personally, I can’t even tell why, I just know that I’m being asked to evolve.

This is a time to surrender to the unknown.



Keep on movin’

The energy of the T-square and the Grand Cross is all tension … the forces of different planets, different aspects of ourselves, pulling against each other.  The T-Square between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter is tight already, and Mars will move back into alignment to make this a Grand Cross around 22nd April.  So, there’s an underlying drive for radical, forceful, expansive change. It is change that must happen, but it’s not necessarily flowing with ease, it’s pulling apart.  As my favourite astrologer, Dan Ross, says, the only thing to do with this energy is to keep on moving, don’t stop.  When we stop, the energy stagnates, the combination of pulling in all directions means that it goes nowhere; the tension becomes inner turmoil and outer frustration.  When we move there is a chance for illumination and growth.

So, my motto for my new year … keep on movin’, don’t stop … like the hands of time.


The times they are a changin’

These few days of the start of April are powerful and transformative. The Zap Zone, as Mystic Medusa has so eloquently described it, is peaking. This really is evolve or evaporate time.

On April 1 (AEST), The Sun squared Jupiter, on April 2 it joined Uranus, and on April 3 it squares Pluto. The Jupiter aspect was an urge to grow, and being a square, maybe it had a bit of enthusiastic impatience to it, which might have played out as an over-confident push for freedom. Yesterday’s Uranus conjunct added a radical, dynamic, unpredictable energy … an expect the unexpectedness. Plans will have turned upside down, what we thought was safe suddenly disappeared, and what we thought was out of reach sat in our hands. And then when Sun squares Pluto tomorrow, explosive and unpredictable power struggles abound, with unconscious forces at odds with ego drives.

The energy of this week is demanding change … the choice is between clarifying and transforming or holding on and withering. And this energy is building up to the two eclipses we have this month and the Grand Cross of the 22nd of April.

As Bob said, ‘Get out of the new way if you can’t lend a hand, for the times they are a-changing” … interestingly, this is a song from the mid-60’s, when Uranus and Pluto were last conjunct. Now is time for us to take up the challenge of the revolution that began then, and to get this transformative change back on track …