Keep on movin’

The energy of the T-square and the Grand Cross is all tension … the forces of different planets, different aspects of ourselves, pulling against each other.  The T-Square between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter is tight already, and Mars will move back into alignment to make this a Grand Cross around 22nd April.  So, there’s an underlying drive for radical, forceful, expansive change. It is change that must happen, but it’s not necessarily flowing with ease, it’s pulling apart.  As my favourite astrologer, Dan Ross, says, the only thing to do with this energy is to keep on moving, don’t stop.  When we stop, the energy stagnates, the combination of pulling in all directions means that it goes nowhere; the tension becomes inner turmoil and outer frustration.  When we move there is a chance for illumination and growth.

So, my motto for my new year … keep on movin’, don’t stop … like the hands of time.


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