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A touch of confusion: Mercury retrograde , October 2014

To add a touch of confusion to the wild energy of eclipses and Grand Fire Trines coming up during the next few weeks, Mercury turns retrograde over the weekend (5th October, AEST), and it will do its backwards thing for three weeks.

With so much powerful stuff going on astrologically during October I’m finding it difficult to predict how this Mercury retrograde is going to play out. Everything else will be about a radical and forceful urge to change, to get rid of old stuff, to cut ties and break free of restrictions. But Mercury retrograde says we could well make some stuff-ups along the way.

Mercury retrograde can be a tricky period at the best of times, and when combined with the forceful energies of October, if we’re not careful we could be making some silly and unintended decisions. The eclipses and the influence of the Mars-Uranus-Jupiter Trine are a brilliant opportunity for fundamental and necessary growth. With Mercury retrograde in the mix, it’ll be important to do at least a little stop and think before making drastic life-altering decisions.

Retrogrades are times when it is more important to be inwardly oriented than outer-directed, when our life is subject to review, reflection, and re-thinking. We need to direct the things that Mercury rules (the mind, perception, communication) inwards, and be aware that the external expression of these things doesn’t work so well … hence, misunderstandings, delays, glitches, breakdowns.

The retrograde tends to affect people differently.  Geminis and Virgos, who are ruled by Mercury, are most affected … give them a bit of leeway over the next few weeks, especially towards the end of the period, as their words and thoughts get more and more muddled as the retrograde goes on.  On the other hand, people who have Mercury retrograde in their birth chart tend to be more effective than usual during this time, particularly at thinking issues through.  Generally, it is a better time for introspection than for expression.

But with the eclipses and other powerful influences going on, it won’t be possible to stand still. So the usual cautionary tale of Mercury retrograde needs a bit of allowance this time around. It won’t be possible to put everything on hold, as one might typically be advised to do with this retrograde. We are going to want to be making changes, but we might not be so good at communicating what we want to those around us. When Mercury is retrograde, its like a cloud of confusion and misunderstanding happens between the words that come out of our mouths and the ones that are heard in someone else’s ears.

So, take care, give people a bit of leeway, and laugh at the stuff-ups. And remember that Mercury retrograde is not an excuse … just an energy that’s at play!

I’ll post more about the challenging, exciting, life-changing, radical, disturbing, disruptive, expansive energies of the eclipses and the Grand Fire Trine in the next few days.


Mars, Saturn and Venus breaking patterns

An interesting and possibly challenging few days coming up, especially in the realm of relationships.  With Venus Square Mars there’s likely to be sparks, but they could be sparking with crossed wires, resulting in misunderstandings and testing tolerances.  With Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio and Venus in Leo Square to them both at the same time, there is an added feeling of work to do in the way we relate.  This is a challenge into self-mastery, recognising the unconscious patterns that are playing in the background and forcing us to keep it real within ourselves.  While it is all about relating, and we’ll likely experience it in our interactions with others, this combination offers the opportunity for internal growth. There’s a sense of competition between relationship and internal goals.  With this energy we need to keep it real inside, and allow the relating to play out.


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Keep on movin’

The energy of the T-square and the Grand Cross is all tension … the forces of different planets, different aspects of ourselves, pulling against each other.  The T-Square between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter is tight already, and Mars will move back into alignment to make this a Grand Cross around 22nd April.  So, there’s an underlying drive for radical, forceful, expansive change. It is change that must happen, but it’s not necessarily flowing with ease, it’s pulling apart.  As my favourite astrologer, Dan Ross, says, the only thing to do with this energy is to keep on moving, don’t stop.  When we stop, the energy stagnates, the combination of pulling in all directions means that it goes nowhere; the tension becomes inner turmoil and outer frustration.  When we move there is a chance for illumination and growth.

So, my motto for my new year … keep on movin’, don’t stop … like the hands of time.