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Lou Reed RIP

I can’t seem to find Lou’s birth time anywhere, but his birth date was 2 March 1942, in New York.  A Piscean, with a Virgo Moon (probably, depends on the time of day), Mercury and Venus in Aquarius (opposite Pluto and Chiron) and Mars in Taurus (conjunct Uranus and Saturn).

What you’d expect with that combination is a talented creative with a desperate need to find a channel for his creative energies, who is at risk of slipping into a world of unreality and apathy, and of being drawn to drugs and escapism. That’s the Piscean side anyway.  Interesting that he was turned that around to the more mystical version of Pisces once the drugs wore off!

Add to that the rugged individualism of Mars-Uranus conjunction, with a splash of Taurean hedonism and the drive of Mars-Saturn thrown in and you get the belligerent, antiestablishment force that reflected his life and his music.  Then there’s the Venus-Pluto opposition, suggesting a dark side to relationships, a passionate but potentially destructive placement, that would have needed a solid calm nature to hold and nurture (Lauri Anderson’s Venus and Mars in Taurus, I guess).

Driven, complex, brash talent, with a tendency for self-destruction … thanks Lou for living it!

Neptune dreaming

What I want to know is … is anyone else having weird and intense dreams at the moment?

I’m putting it down to all the Neptunian energy that is going on.  Neptune turned retrograde last week, and when a planet is retrograde it’s nature is exacerbated.  Neptune rules our imagination, and so plays a big role in dreams.  It has also been trined with Saturn, as well as creating grand Trines with Mercury and Venus last weekend.

The thing about this Neptune period is that it provides massive opportunities for insights into our psyches, and Saturn helps to keep it all at least a bit grounded.  Neptune usually plays in the realm of fantasy, and so it is as likely to give us confusion as illumination.  But with Saturn there, there will be some element of reality.  So, take note of those dreams, or the imagery that comes to you when you’re in any other state of openness … they might just be telling you something.  You’ve just got to sort out the reality from the delusion!

And let me know if Neptune is weaving its way into your dream world …

20th May 2013

The season of eclipses …

We are in eclipse season … three eclipses in 30 days! The lunar eclipse late April started us off with the full moon in Scorpio, and then the solar eclipse in Taurus on 10th May.  The third eclipse in this cycle is another lunar eclipse at the full Moon on 25th May (and yes, a lunar eclipse always falls on a full Moon).

Generally, lunar eclipses are a time when there is a barrier between the active, assertive self (Sun) and the emotive, receptive self (Moon).

Next Saturday’s full Moon will see a culmination of whatever was started at the last new Moon (10th May) … whatever intentions we set in place then we can expect something to present next weekend.  Being an eclipse though, it’s possible that what comes up are the things that we allow to get in the way of getting what we want.  Especially the habitual, unconscious, egocentric stuff.  And with the Pluto-Uranus stuff that’s also going on this week … this really is a time to get real about where we’re stuck.

So, the best thing is to be doing whatever you do to tune into self … notice what is presenting and what limits you are creating for yourself.  The eclipse time is likely to be emotionally charged … notice what comes up, sit with it, but don’t rush to act or react … the epiphany and the clarity to communicate whatever it is, is likely to come to us later.  That’s the nature of an eclipse.

The tricky thing about this particular eclipse is that it has Neptune playing a part.  Neptune is the planet of fantasy and imagination, but its shadow side is illusion and deception.  So, while all these big shifts are happening, keep a tab on what’s real and what’s not … when Neptune is involved we can be a bit gullible to things that seem to sparkle, whether they are inside us or outside.  So, it’s also a week for whatever you do to stay grounded.  Again, clarity for action and reaction will come after the intensity of the weekend.

And keep in mind that everyone around you will be doing the same stuff. Enjoy the ride, be gentle!