A New Year’s Evolution

… if Christmas was unconventional, then this New Year marks a massive opportunity for evolution!

On the first of January, Mars moves into Square with Pluto, again reinforcing the ‘evolve or evaporate’ power of the Pluto-Uranus Square.  At the same time, New Year’s Day is a New Moon day, which sees both the Sun and Moon conjunct (in the same place as) Pluto and Mercury.  The energy is powerful, intense, dramatic and dynamic.  The opportunity for change is palpable.  But with these combinations, it is a day to be aware of the potential for destruction, and to go gently rather than forcefully.

New Moon Year 2014

Mars is the assertive planet and Pluto is the transformative one, so when these two join in a 90 degree (Square) configuration, the desire to assert self and the need for transformation can be pulling us in different directions.  There tends to be lots of energy with this transit, and it can be quite ruthless and destructive if we’re not in tune with our underlying ego drives.  This might manifest outwardly as arguments or struggles with others, or inwardly as self-destruction.  Uranus is still involved, so the energy is radical and where it manifests is unpredictable.  And remember that everyone will be feeling this to some degree, so there are likely to be people out there who are upset, angry, irritated and hell-bent on causing hassles without knowing where the drive is coming from … be aware and take care.

What the New Year energy demands of us is that we get real with what is really driving us at heart, and act with consciousness.  The day is activating the ‘evolve or evaporate’ energy of the Pluto-Uranus square, which is marking the whole 2012-2015 period, and is a time for upheaval and radical transformation of personal, social nad cultural norms and values. So the chance for change is positive, and the drive to evolve is necessary, it is just that this New Year the shake-up might feel a bit challenging!

New Year ’s Day is also a New Moon, and it is a potent one with the Moon-Sun-Pluto-Mercury conjunction.  A powerful day for setting new intentions.

My mantra for New Year’s Day … breathe, feel, relax, release … and then act!

Doing Christmas differently

Image of Mars showing northern Drylands (ochre...
Image of Mars showing northern Drylands (ochre) and southern dry ocean basins (dark). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is nothing conventional about the astral energy of this Christmas … and maybe that creates an opportunity to do it differently this time around.

Mars is in Libra at the moment, which would usually be quite a calm experience of the assertive, aggressive, driven energy of Mars; Libra being the sign of balance and moderation.  But on Wednesday evening (AEST), the fiery planet is exactly opposite Uranus (the unconventional planet), creating irritability and tension, and adding to the challenges that Christmas expectations already bring.  When Mars is opposite Uranus there is a tendency for impatient, impulsive, reactive ego expressions, with each of us striving to break free of what we experience as inhibiting restrictions.  So, anything that is seen as conventional or traditional (hmm, sounds like Christmas!!), if it feels like it is stifling our individuality, it will create tension and difference.  So, if you ever wanted to do Christmas differently, this is the year to break from tradition.

Keep in mind though, that with Venus retrograde, we are all being overly subjective in our relating at the moment, and lacking in our usual capacity to see the other’s perspective.  So, asserting unconventional (Uranus) ego (Mars) energy is likely to ruffle feathers.

Complicating all this, Mars in Libra is activating the “evolve or evaporate’ energy of the Pluto-Uranus square.  if you’ve been reading my earlier posts on this (see here https://uranusrising.com/2013/05/21/pluto-square-uranus-21st-march-2013/ ), the whole period for 2012-2015 is a time for upheaval of norms and for radical transformations.  Mars getting in on the act over the next couple of weeks gives massive impetus to this change, but its Mars, so it might not be gentle.

Remember that everyone on the planet is doing this same stuff together, so break traditions where they need to be broken, but keep in mind that everyone else is also feeling the tension, so take extra care to do it with kindness.

Venus retrograde and intimacy

Venus retrograde (21 December – 31 January)

More on retrogrades

Ultraviolet image of Venus' clouds as seen by ...
Ultraviolet image of Venus’ clouds as seen by the Pioneer Venus Orbiter (February 26, 1979). The immense C- or Y-shaped features which are visible only in these wavelengths are individually short lived, but reform often enough to be considered a permanent feature of Venus’ clouds. The mechanism by which Venus’ clouds absorb ultraviolet is not well understood. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

….  On Saturday Venus turns around, and it will stay in retrograde motion till the end of January.  And again, when a planet is retrograde its energies are more inwardly

focussed rather than outwardly expressed.  So, things Venusian are likely to become more internalised, more subjective.

Venus energy is experienced in the way that we relate with another. So, when this energy is retrograde we tend to feel our relationships on the inside better than we express them on the outside.  Our perceptions about connection and intimacy are subjective, so we are feeling relationship within the context of our own past and pre-conceptions of what relationship means.

This is a great time for getting in touch with our own feelings about our relating, for understanding our own journey on the path of intimacy.  The challenge is that it tends to leave us in such a subjective space that we can’t easily see the other’s perspective, and we are likely to project our own Venusian stuff onto the other.  Depth of personal understanding of how we relate will be heightened, while true connection and intimacy is likely to require a bit of effort during this time.

Of course none of this is causal, but it does give us an insight into the fundamental interconnectedness of all things!