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Today is the day …

… the culmination of three years of a radically forceful energy of change. Today is the last Pluto-Uranus square, an energy that we won’t experience anything like for another 40 years.

Carolyn Myss Let go

For those sensitive to this energy, the last few days have probably been bringing to our awareness the places where we still have attachments going on that are holding us back. Today is the day to let go.

Recognise the places of discomfort, honour the gifts that are being shown and let go of that which no longer serves….

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Uranus Square Pluto – the penultimate hit!

So much going on at the moment. So much is changing, with massive power in the transformation and enormous force in the demand to adapt. As Mystic Medusa says …. this is the Zap Zone, evolve or evaporate time. Its personal and its global.

We are hitting the final throes of the aspect that has been defining these last few years – Uranus Square Pluto. I can’t begin to describe the transformations I am experiencing and witnessing. Suffice to say, the next few months, from now until April, are the culmination of the energies that have been in effect since 2012. This is big time. As in BIG TIME!

At the moment Uranus is coming to a standstill (relative, of course) before it turns around into direct motion next week. And it is doing this at the exact point of being square to Pluto. This is the sixth exact square in the sequence, and the square pretty much stays in place until the final hit of this energy through March and April 2015. The last exact square is 17th March.

I’ve posted plenty of times before on this energy … there’s a sample of those posts in the link below. in essence, this is the chance to re-visit the energy that created the evolution of flower power when Uranus was conjunct Pluto in the mid-60s. It is an opportunity to look at what was intended with that movement, both personally and politically, to see where we might have gotten off track, and to make whatever adjustments it takes to get the notion of living love back on path.

Inspiring radical growth – Jupiter Trine Uranus

It has been said before that my astro posts seem to focus on the doom and gloom, the difficulties and challenges. And there’s some truth in that, I sort of figure that we’ll just flow with the good times, take the best of those energies without even having to know that that is what is going on. But when it comes to the more challenging stuff, it helps to be forewarned, to have some guidance in understanding and working through the trials and tribulations.

But today it’s different, today there’s an aspect that is all the good stuff … well, good stuff if you want excitement, creativity and change! Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion is just beginning a Trine aspect to Uranus, the planet of originality, freedom and unconventionality. This transit will be going in and out over the next six months, so if you’re in tune with it, expect this period to be the beginning of some radical but deliciously exciting evolution.

Jupiter is about truth, Uranus is about individuality. When these two work together we have an opportunity to unfold our own potential truth, and when this is going on for everyone, self-becoming and the manifesting of universal connection is possible.

The Trine is happening at the 15 degree point of Aries (Uranus) and Leo (Jupiter), so anyone who has any planets at these points will be being especially affected. And then, as other planets hit the 15 degree Sagittarius point, which Mars will do around about the time of the October Full Moon eclipse, we get a Grand Fire Trine and a massive burst of energy to power the inspirational and creative change of Jupiter and Uranus.

The fascinating thing is that this means Jupiter is hitting the last gasps of the Pluto-Uranus square , providing impetus for the transformation that this ‘evolve or evaporate’ energy is demanding of us on a personal, social and planetary level.

This is exciting astro stuff … anything that has been stuck in recent times has the chance to be shifted. Take notice of anything that is creating restlessness, because that’s the flag that will show what needs to change and the direction for growth.

And expect the world to be a different place. Everything is unfolding as it should!

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