Uranus Square Pluto – the penultimate hit!

So much going on at the moment. So much is changing, with massive power in the transformation and enormous force in the demand to adapt. As Mystic Medusa says …. this is the Zap Zone, evolve or evaporate time. Its personal and its global.

We are hitting the final throes of the aspect that has been defining these last few years – Uranus Square Pluto. I can’t begin to describe the transformations I am experiencing and witnessing. Suffice to say, the next few months, from now until April, are the culmination of the energies that have been in effect since 2012. This is big time. As in BIG TIME!

At the moment Uranus is coming to a standstill (relative, of course) before it turns around into direct motion next week. And it is doing this at the exact point of being square to Pluto. This is the sixth exact square in the sequence, and the square pretty much stays in place until the final hit of this energy through March and April 2015. The last exact square is 17th March.

I’ve posted plenty of times before on this energy … there’s a sample of those posts in the link below. in essence, this is the chance to re-visit the energy that created the evolution of flower power when Uranus was conjunct Pluto in the mid-60s. It is an opportunity to look at what was intended with that movement, both personally and politically, to see where we might have gotten off track, and to make whatever adjustments it takes to get the notion of living love back on path.


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