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Uranus forward – babies and bathwater

English: Comparison of the sizes of Uranus and...
English: Comparison of the sizes of Uranus and Earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a couple of interesting little shifts in the cosmos over the next few days that are worth being aware of.  Uranus turns forward today (Tuesday 17th) after being in retrograde motion since mid-July, and Venus turns retrograde on Saturday until the end of January.

For those who’ve been reading my posts, you’ll know that I hold some stead in the forward-retrograde cycle of planets (and remember that this motion is relative to Earth, they are not actually going backwards, just that the variations in the orbiting paths of planets around the sun makes it look that way from our perspective).  When a planet is in retrograde its energy is more internalised, more subjective.  We feel it on the inside, but it doesn’t necessarily manifest in the outer world.

So, Uranus turning forward suggests that the Uranian energies will become more outwardly expressed.  Uranus is the ‘expect the unexpected’ planet, it stirs things up, generating a sense of unease and discomfort as a pre-cursor to creating change, and at times radical change.  It is the planet that says ‘this old stuff is not working, it’s time to do something different’.  The planet of revolutions.  Since mid-July we have probably been experiencing this energy from the inside, with Uranus retrograde challenging us to see where we need to make change in our lives.  With Uranus turning forward, the opportunity presents to manifest these internal stirrings in outward change.  This will be experienced on both an individual and a collective level.  Expect personal breakthroughs and dramatic global shifts, both geographic and political, over the coming months as this energy frees itself from its internalised constraints.

The turn around to forward motion will probably feel a little unsettling over the next few days … restlessness, sleeplessness, irritability, and an itch to upset the status quo.  Go with the change if that’s what you want, but do it with consciousness … the warning with any Uranus activity is don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The added challenge is that as Uranus moves forward (it is in Aries at about 8 degrees at the moment), it is moving back into the ‘evolve or evaporate’ square with Pluto.  And, over the Christmas – New Year period Mars is opposite Uranus, and forming a T-Square with Pluto.  There is likely to be an extra layer of complexity to this already sensitive time of the year.  More on this in another post soon.

And more about Venus turning backwards tomorrow.

Neptune turns direct

Neptune is turning direct today, after being in retrograde since early June. When a planet turns direct, it’s energy shifts from being internalised to externalised. Neptune is the planet of source, some might refer to it as god-consciousness. It’s energy is about inspiration and compassion. This is the planet that rules Pisces, so you might know it best in that ethereal, otherworldliness of Pisceans. So, when this energy turns outward it opens up the opportunity for us to have more intuitive connection with other, and with source. For the last 5 months this energy has been internalised, helping us to find connection with our own consciousness. Now we get to connect with the universe. Neptune dissolves egoic bonds in the psyche and liberates true energies of consciousness, freeing us to return to a native state of connection with one. For Neptune, all is one.