Neptune turns direct

Neptune is turning direct today, after being in retrograde since early June. When a planet turns direct, it’s energy shifts from being internalised to externalised. Neptune is the planet of source, some might refer to it as god-consciousness. It’s energy is about inspiration and compassion. This is the planet that rules Pisces, so you might know it best in that ethereal, otherworldliness of Pisceans. So, when this energy turns outward it opens up the opportunity for us to have more intuitive connection with other, and with source. For the last 5 months this energy has been internalised, helping us to find connection with our own consciousness. Now we get to connect with the universe. Neptune dissolves egoic bonds in the psyche and liberates true energies of consciousness, freeing us to return to a native state of connection with one. For Neptune, all is one.

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