Roll up for the magical mystery tour …

The next week or two is a truly mystical and magical time.  We’ve got what’s called a Grand Water Trine happening … the peak of it will be between the 18th and 22nd July, but it is building in intensity already.  A Trine happens when two planets are at 120 degrees from each other, and a Grand Trine when there are three (or more) planets each at 120 degrees, making for an equal triangle.  The Trine aspect is one of flow, when the energies of the planets work well with each other. This Trine has the planets in water signs, emphasising emotions anorigin_3596061346d the unconscious.

At the moment we have Saturn (form and structure) in Scorpio and Trined to Neptune in Pisces (imagination, spirit, mysticism) and both Trined to Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) in Cancer.  Mars (assertiveness, courage, drive) moves into the aspect around the 20th.  So, you put all that together and it is an opportunity for deep connection with self, soul and spirit in an expansive way that offers opportunity for real growth.  The energy is powerfully mystical and insightful, a time when we have access to our own unconscious forces and the potential to see our deeper patterns for what they really are.

If we use this time wisely (that’s the Saturn bit!), it is an opportunity to get over our own crap, including the stories we make up about the values that we think are real but are only delusions holding us back (that’s a Neptune thing), keeping us stuck in the constructed meaninglessness of the tick-tock world!!  At the same time, there is likely to be some deep dredging going on in the unconscious mind, and that might be a bit uncomfortable. But, there is opportunity in all that for insight and transcendence.

From how I see it there are two things that will help to make the most value of this time … firstly, doing whatever is possible to get into a state to access the unconscious … meditation, dreams, or whatever works. And secondly, having some time when we’re turned off from all that electronic and mechanical stuff that keeps us attached to the mundane world, and disconnected from self.

Hmm, it’s a bit like a Beatles song … welcome to the magical mystery tour …


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