Mercury retrograde 26th June – 21st July 2013

MESSENGER image - First look at side of Mercur...
MESSENGER image – First look at side of Mercury not seen by Mariner 10 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ahh, Mercury retrograde … it seems I’ve already been hit!  when I checked my ephemeris (the program that tells me what position the planets are in at any particular time) the other day and wrote that the retrograde period started on Thursday, I got it wrong!! Apparently I had used Summer Time, rather than Standard Time.   So, Mercury retrograde begins today, at 11.08 pm, to be precise (in Eastern Australia and I double checked it this time).  The influence of the retrograde does last longer than the three week period when it is happening … there is what is called the ‘shadow’ period.  It’s a bit of an explanation … you can find more about it here –  So, it seems we are already experiencing the retrograde.

Mercury rules thinking, perception, communication, commerce, education and transportation. When it is retrograde, the energy is directed internally, so the external expression of these things doesn’t work so well … hence, misunderstandings, delays, glitches, breakdowns in any of these areas.  Major traffic disruptions are more common, and I’d be fascinated to know what the experience of the next few weeks will be for those who work in IT … I imagine there will be more call outs to fix stuff that’s not working.

It is not that we shouldn’t sign contracts during this tie, but as our thinking and communicating tends to get a bit foggy, it’s important to double check everything (like the time on the ephemeris generator!). And not everything is negative, this is a good time to be doing internal work, and with the retgrograde in Cancer, an especially good time for emotional processing … just don’t expect to be able to tell anyone else what you’ve worked out!!

The retrograde tends to affect people differently.  Geminis and Virgos, who are ruled by Mercury, are most affected … give them a bit of leeway over the next few weeks, especially towards the end of the period (it turns forward on 21st July) as their words and thoughts get more and more muddled as the retrograde goes on.  On the other hand, people who have Mercury retrograde in their birth chart tend to be more effective than usual during this time, particularly at thinking issues through.  Generally, it is a better time for introspection than for expression.

So, take care, double check the detail and laugh at the stuff-ups … it’s not causal, but it is a useful insight into the art of timing!!

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