Preparing for going backwards

Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer on Thursday.  More details about what it means in next post (and of course it doesn’t actually go backwards, it just looks like that from the perspective of the Earth), but in the meantime, if you’ve got any fine detailed thinking to do, it would be a good idea to get as much of it done before Thursday as possible … things like loans to finalise, contracts to sign, tickets to buy, bookings to make, IT systems to network, communication equipment to upgrade, software to install, bookkeeping to sort out … it’s not that you can’t do this stuff after the retrograde begins, just that stuff-ups are more likely to happen then.  Funny timing with the end of financial year and all that, but the next few weeks are not such a good time to be sorting out your tax!

Astrology isn’t causal, it’s just a handy insight into the art of timing …

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