Details? What details? (Mercury retrograde 8th Feb-2nd March 2014)

We are coming into another Mercury retrograde period, starting on Friday or Saturday (depending where on the planet you are) until the 2nd March. 

Retrogrades are times when it is more important to be inwardly oriented than outer-directed.  When the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) are retrograde, our personal life is subject to review, reflection, re-doing or re-thinking.


Mercury rules the mind, perception, communication, commerce, education and transportation. When it is retrograde, the energy is directed internally, and the external expression is a bit off … hence, misunderstandings, delays, glitches, breakdowns in any of these areas.  I’d be guessing that IT people get more call outs to fix stuff that’s not working during this time.

It is not that we shouldn’t make any arrangements or sign any contracts during Mercury retrograde, but as our thinking and communicating tends to get a bit foggy, it’s important to double check everything.  Apparently the details are important!

And not everything is negative, this is a good time to be doing internal work … just don’t expect to be able to tell anyone else what you’ve worked out!!

The retrograde tends to affect people differently.  Geminis and Virgos, who are ruled by Mercury, are most affected … give them a bit of leeway over the next few weeks, especially towards the end of the period, as their words and thoughts get more and more muddled as the retrograde goes on.  On the other hand, people who have Mercury retrograde in their birth chart tend to be more effective than usual during this time, particularly at thinking issues through.  Generally, it is a better time for introspection than for expression.

We’re still in the process of incorporating the recent turn around of Venus into our relating, and with Pluto, with its energy of destruction and regeneration still at play, it probably pays to be cautious in the way words are chosen in love and relating.

Take care, double check the detail and laugh at the stuff-ups.  And remember that none of this is causal, and Mercury retrograde is not an excuse … just an energy that’s at play!

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