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Metamorphosis ….Pluto stationary direct

I’m sure you’ve heard of Mercury retrograde, it is a time when Mercury is moving backwards relative to the Earth. Other planets have retrograde periods too, and Pluto (and yes, we’re referring to Pluto as a planet, it’s energy is powerful enough, so the label hardly matters!) has been retrograde since 14th April. Over the next 24 hours it stops and turns around to direct motion (relative to the Earth). This is a time when the energy of Pluto is especially powerful, and Pluto is already profound in its influence. Its energy demands that we transform, that we go through a process of death and re-birth, it is like a metamorphosis.

There are likely things in your life that have been undergoing change and challenge since mid-April, and now is the time when you must transmute those things, be ready for a new you. This calls for a deep trust in the ways of nature and in oneself. It requires letting go of that which needs to pass away and allowing the new to come forth, without knowing what is to come. The choice is either to let go of control and allow change to pass through your life, or to get caught up in out-of-control behaviors, addictions and power struggles, both within and without.

Pluto is turning around at about 11 degrees of Capricorn, so it will be affecting that area of your life where this point falls in your chart. If you have another planet at this point, or at 11 degrees of any of the other cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra), it will be that aspect of yourself where transformation is being demanded. For example, if you have Venus at one of these points, then this period is a time when relationships will be intense and maybe a bit obsessive, you are being forced to throw out your old way of relating and bring in a completely new code for attracting love. If it is Mars at these points, then the Pluto influence will be about ego, self assertion and power.

If you’re not familiar with your chart, this is a good website to find out where this transit will be affecting you … . Either way, the time is demanding that we let go, allow change … and welcome the metamorphosis.

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