Uranus retrograde … ructions in the cosmos 18 July 2013

Uranus turns retrograde this week, until mid-December.  The effect of any retrograde planet, like with Mercury, is that its energy is exacerbated but internalised.  Uranus is all about revolution, invention, technology … it is the expect the unexpected planet. As it transits through Aries, this suggests some kind of cultural and technological revolution at the same time as a strong and potentially disruptive drive for freedom and independence.  During this retrograde period it again closes up the Square with Pluto (exact at the end of October), giving us an opportunity for deep evolution at a personal, the kind of evolution that can eventually play out in a global and political level (hmm, it’ll be interesting times for an election … expect more of the unexpected when it comes to power plays).  For the moment though, combining Uranus retrograde with the Grand Water Trine, I anticipate that the next week will offer flashes of brilliant intuitive insight … take note of the wacky stuff, there’s likely to be a message in it somewhere, but it won’t be the one you planned for!!

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