Sweet romance … is it all Maya?

There’s two astrological aspects going on this weekend that make for a fascinating, but just a little challenging combination.  Venus is opposite Neptune (the exact was late yesterday) … so our perceptions of love were pulling in opposite direction to our hopes and ideals.  This can be dreamy and romantic, but it risks being the kind of romantic that has “hopelessly” attached to it.  Neptune brings the chance for delusion to whatever it touches, so it’s a time to take care that whatever we’re feeling, or more likely, creating in our minds, is actually real.

The other aspect is Mars opposite Pluto, activating the Pluto-Uranus ‘evolve or evaporate’ energy (again!!).  With Mars in play, there is likely to be an underlying tension to the weekend, and with Pluto, it is possible that little irritations could easily blow up into big disputes.  Time to take a deep breath, appreciate the mystical, and don’t get hung up on or triggered by any of the detail … it is all Maya anyway!!

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