Pushing and pulling …

OK, so I’ve been a little distracted with Saturn (work) and Venus (play), so not a lot of time for astrology.  But thought it was worth making a note of today’s astro vibe.  Some might have been feeling this already over the weekend, we have been in a build up to Mars Square Saturn for a few days, and the energy peaks today.  This creates a bit of a struggle betweeen wanting to push through and assert self on the one hand, while feeling restricted and controlled on the other.  Some people will be doing a bit of each, which is likely to cause a few clashes.  Watch out in particular for Arians being frustrated and Capricornians being pushy … and be especially careful if you’ve got both of them in the same time and place!! Take care out there!

And of course its not causal, but it is a fascinating insight into the fundamental interconnectedness of all things!!

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