Getting serious with Saturn – 18 September 2013

There’s a few astro things over the next few days that could make it quite intense, a bit of a heavy time, but purposeful.  Full Moon in Pisces on Thursday, Venus Conjunct Saturn also on Thursday, and Pluto stationary before it turns Direct on Friday.

Relationships are likely to take on a bit of a serious tone, and the stuff that comes up will be an opportunity to create greater depth and direction in intimate relating.  When Saturn plays with Venus (if Saturn can ever play, given that it is the serious planet!), there is a sense of purpose in relating.

The Pisces Full Moon and Pluto turning around could manifest in some deep, less than conscious, dredging.  Dreams could be intense and interesting.  Of course none of this is causal, but … it is an interesting insight into the fundamental interconnectedness of all things!

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