Venus Square Mars – its all fun and games in love land, or is it??

It seems that we’ve had a couple of relatively benign days after the psychic (or should that be psychotic?) ructions of Pluto stationary at the full Moon, so we’ll all be ready for the fun and games of this coming weekend, right? (and no, I don’t mean football, that’s over!)

Venus is square to Mars over the weekend.  Venus, the feminine planet that represents beauty and attraction.  Mars, the masculine planet that represents action and sexual drive.  This weekend, those two energies are at cross-purposes with each other.  Sexual tensions and competitiveness will play out in the land of love, and it is likely that differences will arise between romantic and sexual needs, between love and action, betwen reception and assertion.  This can be either stimulating and invigorating, if we celebrate the differences, or it can be damaging and controlling if we don’t allow ourselves to see the other side.  And the tussle between the masculine and feminine energies will be as much about what happens on the outside, betwen people, as what goes on on the inside, with our individual yin and yang balance.

The reason this square is quite full on is that it has the intensity of Venus in Scorpio (loving through desiring, harmony through conflict) at odds with the passion of Mars in Leo (self assertion through creation of power and drama).  Scorpio and Leo are both ‘fixed’ signs, this means they tend to be a little stuck in their ways … and this weekend might require a bit of giving in to make things work!

Of course it’s not causal, but it is a fascinating insight into the fundamental interconnectedness of all things ….

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