Sun opposite Pluto 2nd July 2013

Today is a day to take notice. Be aware today (and yesterday and tomorrow) of anything that challenges you to the core … whatever presents like this at the moment is probably a pointer into where you need to personally evolve. I’ve mentioned the Pluto-Uranus Square before, this is the defining astrological aspect of our times (2012-2015), the astrological reflection of the 2012 transformation into consciousness. Today the Sun is opposite Pluto, so it is activating this energy to even more depth than usual, suggesting that whatever shows up today is an insight into the evolution that this transit is demanding of each of us. With the Sun getting involved, it creates what’s called a T-Square with Pluto and Uranus, which will act like a little explosion of life force, bringing soul consciousness to the change that is inevitable. But, with Pluto involved, it is likely to manifest as a power struggle. So, if you find yourself in a power struggle, just notice what it is about and what it is really challenging for you.

Interestingly, over the next couple of months Mars (end of July) and Jupiter (mid-August) cross the same spot in the zodiac, so whatever you get an inkling of at the moment is likely to gain power, expand and create opportunities for growth over the next month or two. So, take note today … especially if it feels uncomfortable, there is likely to be a grain of truth and an opportunity in any niggling feeling that presents.

And of course, none of this is causal, it’s just an interesting insight into the art of timing ….