Saturn, Mars, Venus – an obligation to grow.

This morning (AEST) Venus, the receptive feminine planet, is square to Mars, the assertive outgoing planet.  When these two are in a square, the energies are at cross-purposes.  So, this week is ripe for misunderstandings and differences.  This aspect creates tension, especially sexual tension, competitiveness, differences of opinion and desire, and conflicts between romantic and sexual needs. With Saturn involved and asserting its restrictive power over both Venus and Mars, the key to dealing with this transit is in taking the Saturnian approach.  Saturn is the karmic planet, it both takes away from us because of our misused energy of the past, but it also builds our development and provides the strength for growth.  It acts by imposing an element of ‘should’ about things.  So, if there is any obligation to be followed with today’s energy, it should be an obligation to one’s personal path rather than an obligation to the other.


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