Sun opposite Neptune – lost in fantasy

So with all that hard work of the Mars-Venus-Saturn stuff going on, today is a day that is likely to feel like the load is lightened, but the challenge of the day is to discern what is real from what is delusion.  With the Sun opposite Neptune, it’s easy to get lost in fantasy … which is a fine place to get lost, just worth remembering that that is what it is.  It is not so much a day for action plans, details or doing stuff, more a quiet time for contemplation and reflection.  Rather than being a day for knowing the truth and acting on it, this is a day for daydreaming in the mystical … wait till tomorrow to act! So, if will power feels low, everyday realities feel burdensome, and directions are hazy … have a bath instead. Or look through the wrong end of a telescope!

Dr Seuss fantasy

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