Having and desiring … Taurus Full Moon

It might seem obvious, but I’m going to say it anyway … a Full Moon happens when the Moon is opposite the Sun. Astrologically, the Sun’s is all about essence and purpose. The Moon is all about emotions and security. At the time of a today’s Full Moon (9.22am this morning AEDT), the Taurus Moon is opposite the Sun in Scorpio. The energy of Taurus is stability and abundance. Taurus is about having … in a material, worldly, natural, down to earth kind of way. Scorpio energy is about desiring … in an intense, passionate and penetrating kind of way.

So, a Taurus Full Moon brings in a time when emotional security through having and purpose through desiring can be a little at odds. To me, this says that the balance of today’s Full Moon is about holding on and letting go. About knowing what to keep and what to let free. The New Moon eclipse in Scorpio a couple of weeks ago may have sparked new desires, and this Full Moon is a time to manifest those desires in the world in a real and grounded way, to let go of the aspects of those desires that were illusory and to embody the parts that are real. Today is a day for desiring what we have.

Being an earthy Moon, the best way to do today is to be grounded, to be solid, to allow the flights of fancy to dissolve and the true desires to be had.

And of course, none of this is causal … its just a story about the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. Happy Full Moon.

long for what you have

Quote from Andre Gide.

2 thoughts on “Having and desiring … Taurus Full Moon”

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