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26th May 2013

A relief of Geminis …

Well, if that was all a little intense, the next week should offer a bit of relief.  We are now surrounded by the playful energy of Gemini, with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter already in the sign of the trickster and Mars moving there at the end of this week, making the energy much lighter.

Venus and Mercury are hanging out close to each other this week, and they join up with Jupiter over the next few days.  The best way to think of the energy that this conjunction will create is as affectionate communications that help us grow.  This should be an ideal time for talking out any of the deep and uncomfortable stuff that came up during the eclipses … a chance for conscious and caring communications, a time when we can both hear and express well.  Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so some will talk a lot!  Seriously, a lot!!!

Pluto and Uranus are still demanding that we evolve and the freedom that we experience in communications this week is an opportunity to invigorate that evolution.  The main caution of the week is that the Sun is still in a difficult aspect to Neptune, so there is an element of dreaminess that can turn to delusion if we don’t keep a check on it. Despite that, it is definitely a week for play … probably excessively so … enjoy!

Pluto Square Uranus 21st March 2013

This coming week brings with it a powerful opportunity for growth, and it might just be a bit uncomfortable!!

Astrologically, the whole period from 2011 to 2015 is an opportunity for radical transformation, both personally and globally.  And, we’re experiencing a peak of this energy this week, with the Pluto-Uranus Square exact on 21st May and staying like that till mid-June. No matter what, we will all be feeling an underlying discomfort during this time. We are transforming internally and the world is transforming around us … that is challenging, even if it is welcome!

This Pluto–Uranus Square is an adjustment from the Pluto-Uranus conjunction 40 odd years ago, which saw the birth of the 1960’s flower power revolution.  As individuals and on a cultural level we have lost the plot of that revolution, and now is a chance to get back on the path.

On a geo-political level, this transit is showing itself in dissatisfaction with the status quo across the planet over the last few years … think of the social media influenced uprisings in North Africa, and the transformation of business through technology, as well as fundamental changes in economic power throughout Europe and Asia.  And wouldn’t it be nice if Australian politics caught up with the need for evolution?

On an individual level we experience this opportunity for change through challenges to our emotional attachments at a deep level … we are being asked to transform the way that we connect with ourselves, with each other and with the collective.

This is a time for fundamental paradigm shifts.  We must let go of the stuff that is keeping us stuck, the things that no longer serve us.  It is time for clearing it all out …

And if you thought you were immune, good luck!  It’s Pluto, so it is not a choice … wherever Pluto plays, it doesn’t ask for permission, it forces itself on us, and it tends to destroy before it allows for regeneration (so, it can be just a little bit uncomfortable in the process).  And it is Uranus, so it’s radical … Uranus works like lightning in the way that it shatters anything that’s obsolete, without warning!

Quoting Mystic Medusa, this is the time to evolve or evaporate … it is not a time to hold on to anything that is past its purpose!  Take care this week, notice the unconscious rumblings, because that’s where change has to happen, be willing to let go, and be gentle with everyone else’s processing …

(and I haven’t even mentioned next Saturday’s eclipse yet!)