Saturn turns direct, 8th July 2013

Saturn turns direct on Monday (8th), after being in retrograde motion since February this year.  It’s the same as with Mercury retrograde … the energy of a planet that is going backwards (relatively, of course) is compromised, so whatever that planet rules tends to become more internalised rather than being easily expressed in the outer world.

Natural color view of Saturn, composed from a ...
Natural color view of Saturn, composed from a series of pictures taken by the Cassini spacecraft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saturn is all about form and structure, order and planning, responsibilities and restrictions (yeah, it sounds boring … unless you’re a Capricorn maybe).  But Saturn is useful, as it’s the planet that gets us to achieve stuff in a planned and methodical way.  Without Saturnian energy the world would be random, chaotic and anarchic (hmm, doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all).  While it has been retrograde in Scorpio, it’s likely that we’ve been reviewing plans, looking into the deeper forces and underlying motivations behind them; and now is the time to get moving again.  So, whatever plans you might have put on hold since last November or this February, it’s time to get them activated again.  And now it can be done with a deeper appreciation of what is needed.

Especially for those ruled by Saturn (Capricorn Sun or Capricorn Ascendants) and for Scoprios, the last few months might have felt a bit like trudging through mud while you delved into the murky depths of whatever was holding you back.  For all of us, Saturn going direct is a time to get those on-hold plans happening again, this time with insight.

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