An impatient revolution … Jupiter square Uranus

Today is a day of impatiently wanting to change the world!!

Jupiter has hit exact square with Uranus, again sparking off the energy of the Uranus-Pluto Square that is defining our times.  With this particular aspect, we get the boundless enthusiasm of Jupiter in its pursuit of meaning and higher ideals, coming up against the anarchic force of Uranus seeking freedom and sweeping away anything that is blocking its path.  It is impetus for change, no doubt, but there might just be a wee bit of impatience in the process.  Likely as not, the feeling of wanting to shift has been building for the last week or so, and this aspect brings opportunity and push to make stuff happen.  These are energies not to waste … now is the time to make change. The caution with Jupiter square Uranus is about being over-confident, mistaking arrogance for genius and letting the enthusiasm go in an undirected path.  And with Mercury still in its last few days of retrograde, it is useful to take a moment and a deep breath before pushing the send button.  But push it anyway! Who knows what’s on the other side?!


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