Mercury and Neptune retrograde … flying with feet on the ground!


stars & ground

I’ve been a little distracted for the last couple of months, so no posts.  It seems that the Grand Cross was even bigger than I was expecting!  Being an Arian, that might also have had something to do with the last weeks of Mars retrograde (Mars rules Aries), but the fiery planet has been forward again for two weeks now, and I’m feeling the energy back and ready to get writing again.  So many radical, transformative and expansive changes in my life; and I can’t help but wonder how the last few months have been for everyone else?

And what a week it is to get back into astro writing, with Mercury turning retrograde (7th June), Neptune also turning retrograde (9th), a Sagittarian Full Moon (12th or 13th, depending on where you are on the planet), combined with Venus opposite Saturn and Mars Square Pluto re-activating the T-square with Uranus. Huge!

Mercury turns retrograde

I’ve written about Mercury retrograde before, and I’m sure you have some idea of the effects (check my previous posts on Mercury retrograde).  Mercury rules things like thinking, organising, communicating, etc., so when it is retrograde, plans tend to go awry, things stuff up, equipment breaks down.  This is a time to take extra care when making arrangements, signing contracts, booking travel, buying IT equipment … double check that the details are right before you press the ‘send’ button!

Neptune turns retrograde

And when you put Mercury and Neptune retrograde together, oh dear!  Talk about vague and fluffy!!  Neptune will be retrograde from 9th or 10th June (again, depending where you are on this planet) until the middle of November, meaning that it’s energy shifts from being externalised to internalised.  Neptune is ethereal and otherworldly, it is spiritual and ideal, it blurs the boundaries of everything it touches, including the intellect and thought, and it both creates and shows that all is illusion.  So, this is a time when the subconscious mind takes over; a great time to take note of dreams and intuitive insights … they probably have something especially important to say at the moment.  But, Neptune is quite nebulous, and the risk when it’s in retrograde is that we can get lost in vagueness and delusion.  It is especially important to stay grounded during this time.  Just let me emphasise that … during Neptune retrograde, we have to do the work to keep our feet on the ground, otherwise we risk being lost in its dreamy clouds of elusiveness and self-delusion.

Hmm … I wonder how that’s going to work with me being on 25 odd hours of international flights while it turns around??  Seriously, whoever planned that hadn’t looked at the astro forecast!!

I’ll talk about the Full Moon, Venus-Saturn and Mars-Pluto aspects in my next post.  In the meantime … enjoy the intuition and be earthed!


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