Move fast and break stuff … Mars opposite Uranus

move fast and break stuff

There are a couple of things to take note of as Mars in Libra comes back to opposition with Uranus in Aries over the next day or so. This energy is bringing back into play the power of the Pluto-Uranus square, so it is part of the evolve-or-evaporate demands of this year. With Mars-Uranus opposition, we get assertiveness (Mars) pulling in the opposite direction of Uranus, the planet of rebellion. So there is a tendency for impatient, impulsive, reactive, ego expressions, with each of us striving to break free of what we experience as inhibiting.  Anything that is seen as conventional, traditional or even just stuck becomes a source of frustration.

This is a time for doing things differently, for breaking the mould. But at the same, time, recognise this drive for what it is, a need to break free of inhibiting ties and to exert independence … that doesn’t necessarily mean having to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater.

And, with Mars being about physical energy and Uranus being power and electric, the other thing to watch out for over the next couple of days is mechanical breakdowns and accidents. It’s probably a good time to be a little cautious about channelling personal frustrations through tools and machinery … that’s not going to work, and it might hurt!

Of course none of this is causal, but ….


4 thoughts on “Move fast and break stuff … Mars opposite Uranus”

    1. Hope you’re only breaking the breakable!!

      And of course the whole Pluto-Uranus-Mars thing is still close enough to affecting your Sun and Moon (about 3-4 degrees off), so maybe sleepiness is just a safety reaction … to stop you from breaking everything!! And thinking that through, “go slow, don’t destroy the lot” is probably just as useful advice for some!! Take care. x

  1. Hmm, sleepiness is not what I would have predicted, but I get that could be one manifestation. Though, I would have expected Mars-Uranus to be more like irritability. Maybe sleepiness is the last throes of a void Moon in Taurus … laziness, languidity and lushness!!

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