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Saturn turns direct, 8th July 2013

Saturn turns direct on Monday (8th), after being in retrograde motion since February this year.  It’s the same as with Mercury retrograde … the energy of a planet that is going backwards (relatively, of course) is compromised, so whatever that planet rules tends to become more internalised rather than being easily expressed in the outer world.

Natural color view of Saturn, composed from a ...
Natural color view of Saturn, composed from a series of pictures taken by the Cassini spacecraft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saturn is all about form and structure, order and planning, responsibilities and restrictions (yeah, it sounds boring … unless you’re a Capricorn maybe).  But Saturn is useful, as it’s the planet that gets us to achieve stuff in a planned and methodical way.  Without Saturnian energy the world would be random, chaotic and anarchic (hmm, doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all).  While it has been retrograde in Scorpio, it’s likely that we’ve been reviewing plans, looking into the deeper forces and underlying motivations behind them; and now is the time to get moving again.  So, whatever plans you might have put on hold since last November or this February, it’s time to get them activated again.  And now it can be done with a deeper appreciation of what is needed.

Especially for those ruled by Saturn (Capricorn Sun or Capricorn Ascendants) and for Scoprios, the last few months might have felt a bit like trudging through mud while you delved into the murky depths of whatever was holding you back.  For all of us, Saturn going direct is a time to get those on-hold plans happening again, this time with insight.

Cancer caring … week of 23rd June 2013

winter solstice image

At the winter solstice yesterday the Sun moved into Cancer (yep, the two events are linked, it’s the same as how the Sun moves into Capricorn at the summer solstice … and I’m talking about the Southern Hemisphere here), and with Venus and Mercury already in Cancer and Jupiter about to join them next week (on Tuesday), we are indeed in the midst of the sensitive and nurturing energy of the crab … a gentler time than the fervour and frivolity of these past few Gemini weeks.  Venus and Mercury are still hanging out together, so this weekend is a great time for communications that require empathy and sensitivity.  Mercury has slowed down, preparing for its (apparent) retrograde period that starts on the 27th June.  This will be a time when thoughts turn inwards, when it is best to focus on internal processing rather than overt projections … more on Mercury retrograde in next post … Over the next few days the Sun connects into the Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune.  While this won’t be as dreamy as when Venus got mixed up in this trine last week, it should be a time of heightened insight and intuition … this coming week is more of a romantic tear-jerker than an action thriller!!!

winter solstice

Neptune dreaming

What I want to know is … is anyone else having weird and intense dreams at the moment?

I’m putting it down to all the Neptunian energy that is going on.  Neptune turned retrograde last week, and when a planet is retrograde it’s nature is exacerbated.  Neptune rules our imagination, and so plays a big role in dreams.  It has also been trined with Saturn, as well as creating grand Trines with Mercury and Venus last weekend.

The thing about this Neptune period is that it provides massive opportunities for insights into our psyches, and Saturn helps to keep it all at least a bit grounded.  Neptune usually plays in the realm of fantasy, and so it is as likely to give us confusion as illumination.  But with Saturn there, there will be some element of reality.  So, take note of those dreams, or the imagery that comes to you when you’re in any other state of openness … they might just be telling you something.  You’ve just got to sort out the reality from the delusion!

And let me know if Neptune is weaving its way into your dream world …