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Week of 17th June 2013

By my read, this should be a fun week, a time to enjoy and play … a few days of light in between all the madness of late and the challenges of Mercury retrograde coming in a couple of weeks.  The Sun catches up with Jupiter on Thursday, think of this as a time of playfulness and growth, the mood will be energetic and optimistic … the only risk is over-indulgence!  About the same time Venus and Mercury get together, which suggests harmonious and gentle communications, a great time for conversations that require empathy and awareness.  And in the middle there’s a little aspect between Mars and Uranus that should be rather energetic and enthusiastic … and definitely not mundane!  I I reckon the people who organised the Happiness Conference ( in Melbourne this week must have consulted with an astrologer to work out the date.  Nice timing.

26th May 2013

A relief of Geminis …

Well, if that was all a little intense, the next week should offer a bit of relief.  We are now surrounded by the playful energy of Gemini, with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter already in the sign of the trickster and Mars moving there at the end of this week, making the energy much lighter.

Venus and Mercury are hanging out close to each other this week, and they join up with Jupiter over the next few days.  The best way to think of the energy that this conjunction will create is as affectionate communications that help us grow.  This should be an ideal time for talking out any of the deep and uncomfortable stuff that came up during the eclipses … a chance for conscious and caring communications, a time when we can both hear and express well.  Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so some will talk a lot!  Seriously, a lot!!!

Pluto and Uranus are still demanding that we evolve and the freedom that we experience in communications this week is an opportunity to invigorate that evolution.  The main caution of the week is that the Sun is still in a difficult aspect to Neptune, so there is an element of dreaminess that can turn to delusion if we don’t keep a check on it. Despite that, it is definitely a week for play … probably excessively so … enjoy!