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Illusion and the psychic connection … Neptune in Pisces (2012-26)

Neptune moved into Pisces in Feb 2012, a significant wobble in planetary energies.  Neptune is a very slow moving planet, it stays in PIsces for 14 years (the last time it was in Pisces was the mid-1800s). Things spiritual and psychic take the driver’s seat.  If we’re open to it… this was a global shift that could even challenge gross materialism … it is the opportunity to appreciate the illusion. Surrendering to the field, to energy that is greater than the merely mortal, is the ultimate liberation.  All is maya, illusion.

“Your suffering is a dream, your darkness is a dream, your going astray is a dream. That’s the meaning of the word maya. Man lives in illusion. The way out of illusion does not exist, because the way out of illusion will be another illusion. You have simply to wake up. There is no way, no bridge. One state is of unawareness, another is of awareness. And from unawareness to awareness the distance is nil… just a little effort, a little jogging.” Osho.

Neptune in Pisces … it’s a chance to wake up, to accept the illusion that is!