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Sag full Moon & Venus opposite Saturn … play time, serious time or playful serious time?



We are building up to a Full Moon in Sagittarius (Friday 13th June, 9.00 am, AEST), which would usually be quite a playful, energetic energy.  Sag full moon is typically party energy, and coming so close to the solstice celebration times, it is a time for fun.  But this time, it is combined with a Venus-Saturn aspect that is likely to tone it down a bit.

Venus is opposite Saturn at 2pm on Friday (AEST), which is a time for seriousness, especially in relating.  Venus is all about how we attract love and bring others to us, while Saturn is all about structure and how we build a future.  When these two planets are in opposition, the combination is a major reality check; a challenge to face what is real in our relating.  That the opposition involves Taurus and Scorpio makes it even more serious … Taurus is earnest, while Scorpio is profound, so this opposition can be inhibiting and controlling if we’re not careful to look for its lessons.  This transit forces us to look at what is working in our relating, to strengthen the depth of relationship through effort and commitment, it is an opportunity for creating the building blocks of love that is to last. But its down side is that intimacy can seem a burden, and doubts can creep in about our own sense of worth and value in a relationship.  This Saturnian energy can put a bit of a dampener on the fun, and make the whole thing of intimacy seem too hard, not worth the effort.  Wisdom is in using the power for building rather than giving up.

So, when you combine the playful Full Moon with this serious relating stuff, it seems to me that the end of this week will be a time when we can bring some lightheartedness to the challenges of getting real with our relationships.  Sure, Saturn is going to make it serious, but at the same time, there is an opportunity with this Full Moon to keep it from getting depressing.  Use the lightness of the Sag moon to overcome the fears of intimacy.  The caution is to be real, and to not miss out on the opportunity for growth that is presenting by losing oneself in the frivolousness of lunar play time!

These two aspects happen on Friday or Saturday, depending on where on this planet you are, and I’m anticipating that we will experience a gradual build up in the intensity of relating stuff over the next few days.

Of course none of this is causal, but it does give a fascinating insight into the fundamental interconnectedness of all things!!!

Really? Another retrograde? This time its Mars and Saturn.

This year started with a period of Venus retrograde (relating was internalised) followed by Mercury retrograde (communicating and thinking was intenralised) which ended yesterday.  And just when it seems like all is about to be forward moving, and the flow is going to return, we are about to get a 3-month dose of Mars retrograde (assertiveness and physical energy internalised) and a 4-month dose of Saturn retrograde (form and the constructed self is internalised).

Mars retrograde will feel like road blocks, delays and hesitations.  This is not the planning and communication stuff-ups of Mercury retrograde, but more that there just isn’t the energy there to get stuff done, or that some conflict gets in the way of desire and intention happening.  Be especially mindful of the Mars ruled beings (ie, us Arians), as we’re unlikely to feel our usual energetic selves, especially towards the end of this retrograde, which finishes late May.  Interestingly, we (ie, us Arians) are all going to have a retrograde Mars in our birthday charts this year, suggesting it will be a slower, less expressive or active year for us.

Generally, during Mars retrograde, the things that Mars rules, like passion, motivation, sex, will experience delays and obstacles, that divert proactiveness to frustration. This is a time that demands patience, and appreciation for the slowness; qualities which we can actually acquire in times like these.

More on Saturn turning retrograde in my next post …

In the meantime, enjoy the slowness … some things are just better when you take your time!!


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Getting serious with Saturn – 18 September 2013

There’s a few astro things over the next few days that could make it quite intense, a bit of a heavy time, but purposeful.  Full Moon in Pisces on Thursday, Venus Conjunct Saturn also on Thursday, and Pluto stationary before it turns Direct on Friday.

Relationships are likely to take on a bit of a serious tone, and the stuff that comes up will be an opportunity to create greater depth and direction in intimate relating.  When Saturn plays with Venus (if Saturn can ever play, given that it is the serious planet!), there is a sense of purpose in relating.

The Pisces Full Moon and Pluto turning around could manifest in some deep, less than conscious, dredging.  Dreams could be intense and interesting.  Of course none of this is causal, but … it is an interesting insight into the fundamental interconnectedness of all things!