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The Blood Moon – Lunar eclipse, October 2014

So, the eclipse season is on us … and I’m guessing that people are already feeling the intensity.

blood moon

A Lunar eclipse happens on a Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite and in parallel, and the shadow of the Earth falls on the Moon, causing what is called a Blood Moon. This will be at 8.50pm Wednesday night (AEDT). Astrologically, the suggestion is that this is a time when emotions (Moon) are in hidden (shadowed), we are disconnected from our feelings. So, we can feel out of sorts and act out of character. And when you get that happening to everyone at the same time, weirdness ensues!

This full Moon is in Aries, with the Sun in Libra. The Aries-Libra polarity suggests that in general, the disconnection is likely to play out in the realm of relationships, having something to do with the balance of individuality and partnership. Maybe struggles for freedom, or one person wanting more connection while the other wants more independence.

Also look for the 15 degrees Aries-Libra point in your own chart, as this will indicate where it will hit personally. If you’re not familiar with your chart, this is a good website to use, so you can find out what part of your own life the eclipse will be affecting …

But that’s just the Blood Moon, it gets far more complex. The eclipse happens with the Sun exactly on Uranus, which suggests that there will be a tendency for radical upheaval. Uranus wants us to break free in order to become our true selves. But it does this with little concern for consequences. So, over the next few days, any hint of a rut that we might be in is going to be shown to us, and we will want to run. Take the message, but throw in a little dash of caution before taking the action; with Uranus and Pluto in play, the chance of leaving utter destruction in our wake is high … and maybe not everything needed to be discarded. Or maybe it did, and if so, then the next few days, with the sparkling power of the Mars-Jupiter-Uranus Grand Fire Trine, are perfect for a psyche clear out!

But wait, that’s not all!! On Thursday (AEDT) Venus squares to Pluto, suggesting intense passions, but with a hidden agenda. Jealousy and possessiveness are high, in direct proportion to fear of losing partnership or the need to control. One way to deal with this is to bring the hidden stuff to the surface, if not, the risk is Pluto doing its destructive stuff. But even this has its own risks with the upheaval of this week.

So, put all that together … intense passions that threaten to destroy intimacy, disconnection between self and feeling, and an uncontrollable urge to break free of restrictions!! And all this while Mercury is retrograde and our capacity for effective communication is challenged. Sure, act on it if that’s what you want, but take a deep breath (or ten) first, and make sure you stop to listen to what is really going on. And remember that this is happening for everyone, so allow a little compassion, and don’t get sucked into someone else’s drama.


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Saturn, Mars, Venus – an obligation to grow.

This morning (AEST) Venus, the receptive feminine planet, is square to Mars, the assertive outgoing planet.  When these two are in a square, the energies are at cross-purposes.  So, this week is ripe for misunderstandings and differences.  This aspect creates tension, especially sexual tension, competitiveness, differences of opinion and desire, and conflicts between romantic and sexual needs. With Saturn involved and asserting its restrictive power over both Venus and Mars, the key to dealing with this transit is in taking the Saturnian approach.  Saturn is the karmic planet, it both takes away from us because of our misused energy of the past, but it also builds our development and provides the strength for growth.  It acts by imposing an element of ‘should’ about things.  So, if there is any obligation to be followed with today’s energy, it should be an obligation to one’s personal path rather than an obligation to the other.


Mars, Saturn and Venus breaking patterns

An interesting and possibly challenging few days coming up, especially in the realm of relationships.  With Venus Square Mars there’s likely to be sparks, but they could be sparking with crossed wires, resulting in misunderstandings and testing tolerances.  With Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio and Venus in Leo Square to them both at the same time, there is an added feeling of work to do in the way we relate.  This is a challenge into self-mastery, recognising the unconscious patterns that are playing in the background and forcing us to keep it real within ourselves.  While it is all about relating, and we’ll likely experience it in our interactions with others, this combination offers the opportunity for internal growth. There’s a sense of competition between relationship and internal goals.  With this energy we need to keep it real inside, and allow the relating to play out.


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